Colour block your wardrobe

White House provides amazing shades of colours to choose from our exclusive or online stores, and it’s very important to have different shades of every colour to spice up your fashion. Apart from the fact that your wardrobe will look aesthetically pleasing and your life will become much easier, having a well-planned wardrobe will let your mix and match the same garments to tons of outfits.

  • Your summer shades- We at white house plan our colour sequence depending on how these colours react to the Indian heat and what is the current style that the masses are moving to. Apart from our usual plain shirts, we rely on printed and checked shirts in countless colours so that our customers never fall short of options. Now it is up to you to make sure your wardrobe doesn’t repeat colours but rather has shades of each colour.


  • Your winter shades- Winter clothing is tricky as it could be layered with raincoats or jackets, so keeping that in mind White House has dedicated to release our usual set of popping colours but also focus on sober looks that will blend with a jacket on top. Our customers never get enough of our options as they could, for example, decide to buy a royal blue while they retire their navy blue to a different season.

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