Guide to tucking into your Jeans

We all face this dilemma at some point. Tucking into your pants is common especially when it comes to formals, but the truly old-school men have always tucked in their clothes no matter what they’re wearing. Although today tucking into jeans could be too old-schooled or too hippie, there is a right way to pull it off for different outfits. White House, being a formals brand, takes responsibility to show you how it's done right.

Firstly, wearing your White House formal shirt tucked into your White House jeans could go horribly wrong, especially in a formal setting but if history has taught us one thing its that wearing a loose shirt preferably with short/rolled-up sleeves could go very well tucked into jeans. Even a fitted shirt goes well, but it takes a careful colour combination for that. Please avoid tucking in if you have a big stomach, tuck outs will give a more flush and leaner look.

Tucking in your t-shirt into your White House Jeans is a much safer bet, still done today, a white t-shirt in a black pair of White House Jeans with a belt could go a long way as a summer outfit. A lot of 90’s shows have given inspiration to a few timeless outfits including even tucking in a sweatshirt into jeans as a winter collection.

Any situation where a top is tucked into jeans, jeans are preferred to be rolled up as well as the sleeves. Rolls also need to be thin and crisp, not too big folds.

These small moves from your end could elevate your outfit and suit most occasions.

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