Linen - Underrated

The linen fabric is derived from the flax plant. Being one of the oldest cultivated plant by humankind, linen is well known for being a breathable and strong fabric. Fairly underrated because of the recent introduction of cotton, wool and silk but linen has a property that is unmatched by any other mass produced fabric and that is Eco-friendliness. In a world leading to record numbers of fabric wastage, Eco-friendly is the only alternative for long term sustenance.

Linen has been reintroduced in recent years as a summer staple to beat the heat as it’s a breathable, loosely woven fabric and has special airflow cooling. Linen coats are leading up to a major trend for summer formal wear as its breathable function goes hand in hand with its crisp fabric feel providing a much better fit for its wearer.

One of the most underrated properties of the linen fabric is how it softens over time. Newly made linen garments are a little strict but that just provides great fit but as its worn over time its fabric becomes softer in touch but the fit is not tampered with. No other fabric turns superior by usage like linen.

Overtime customers need to rely on linen to keep the earth clean and green and it will be provided at different qualities and price ranges over time. White House has a fine range of Linen shirts and pants that are developed in our premium range of products. White House Linen Shirts are extremely comfortable and the best for the summer.

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