Monsoon Staple - 2020

While we, at White House, are gearing up to head to work, the monsoon season has come around the corner. Although it is a brief season in the grand scheme of summer and winter, monsoons cannot be avoided unless getting drenched in the rain is a life choice. We all face heavy traffic here in India, get stuck in the rain and there is nothing worse than being dripping wet while entering your office. Here are a few fashion choices that could go a long way to making sure you beat the rain.

  1. Raincoat- Of course the first thing in the list must be a raincoat. New fabric technology has ensured lightweight, easily packed raincoat material that could easily fit in your backpack and be a staple wear every time you step out of the house. Raincoats could be waterproof windbreakers or full hooded jackets that fall down till knee length. If your outfit is already water resistant, then raincoats could be shorter than usual.
  2. Boots- Formal shoes must be avoided during this season as they tend to be slippery on wet surfaces. Boots are the best alternative as you don’t risk getting wet in puddles and they have amazing grip if it is raining heavy. Boots are also coming in very lightweight, so it doesn’t feel like a workout to walk in them. Your outfit might need a little tweak if you decide to wear boots, but it is worth it!
  3. Cap- Caps are a very underrated monsoon accessory. Just like it functions in the summer, caps can block rain from hitting your face or drenching your hair during the rainy season. Especially caps from sports brands like Nike or Puma are made water resistant and they also have sweat absorbing properties that can even double as a rainwater absorber.

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