Style hacks for the true gentleman

  • Tuck in your shirt perfectly

Tucking a shirt isn’t exactly rocket science but when done right it could do wonders to our style conscious men. A perfect fitted White House shirt does the job itself when tucking in but just to reiterate, first tuck the back of the shirt and then move to the front.  But for those baggy shirts, the military tuck is your saving grace. Pinch the sides of the shirt at either side of the waistband to eliminate the excess.


  • Perfect your sleeve roll

A rolled-up sleeve could give the perfect laid-back look for your post work entertainment. On occasion of a rolled-up sleeve don’t go more than 2-3 rolls as you reach the end of your White House shirt sleeve placket. This allows easier movement and a stylish look.


  • Lose unnecessary accessories

Less is more has always been preached, so don’t feel obligated to wear accessories like a belt unless your White House trousers are actually slipping or you move around a lot at work. It helps not to suffocate you and you look crisp in your outfit. Try it once and you’ll always prefer to alter your pants than wear chunky belts

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