Top Pandemic essentials to carry to Work

In these extraordinary times, we must learn to move forward with our lives while still respecting the reality of the situation. We, at White House, decided to bring to you a few essential items that you can carry on yourself or in your bag which will go a long way to ensure that you stay clean and hygienic all day long whether you're on the road or in your office.

  1. Face mask- Face masks were a very underappreciated piece of accessory that first and foremost works as a health safety regulation. Apart from keeping you as safe as possible from the virus, the face mask also works as a pollution filter and a mouth cover in packed public areas like metros and buses.
  2. Hand Sanitizers- Sanitizers range from tiny pocket-sized bottles to large bottles but they're arguably a staple item that everyone should carry. Apart from the pandemic era sanitizing hands at every contact situation, sanitizers should be carried everywhere especially at restaurants and public transportation.
  3. Wet wipes- Although sanitizers do the job on keeping your body clean, wet wipes are just as important to clean your surroundings, be it while driving a vehicle or sitting in a cab, sitting at your office desk or using the bathroom, wet wipes go a long way to avoid contact germs.
  4. Distance- The most important thing you need to carry with you when heading anywhere is the sense of social distancing. It is the most responsible thing you can do to keep yourself and people around you safe from getting infected. Don’t lend your belongings, especially your phone to people showing symptoms because they can also carry the virus without direct contact.

We, at White House, hope and pray for your safety. As the new norms set in, it is time for all of us to act responsibly and to behave according to the safety standards set for us. White House Stores are sanitized and maintained well for your safety and we assure that all standards are being met on a daily basis.

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